Apocalyptic Reviews: The Purge of Babylon

Purge-of-BabylonSam Sisavath’s breakout hit, The Purge of Babylon (Book #1 in the Babylon series) was enormously popular (it made #1 on best seller list last year) for a good reason. It’s a damn fine read! It’s fast-paced and before you know it, you’ll be done with the almost 500 pages wanting much more. And more there is: five additional books in the series, at current count.

I love apocalyptic fiction that is big—It needs to be global and affecting everyone. I also love unique stories, even if a similar tail had been spun before; I want to be surprised. I also love stories that pull you in and put you into one or more of the character’s places, forcing you to squirm with each of the characters. This book hits the meaty part of the target perfectly on all counts.

If any of you have read and enjoyed The Passage by Justin Cronin (one of my favorites), then you will love this one. In fact, you’ll find many similarities in the apocalypse and its cause, although this one has the population go down in one night. I found the Purge more readable and more exciting than Cronin’s Passage.

Science and believability are also big issues for me with sci-fi novels. I found The Purge’s storyline and science far more believable than within the scampering hordes of zombie apocalypse books now swarming bookshelves.  With most every sci-fi novel, you must take a leap to accept the central premise which often turns science on its head to fit it into the narrative. You won’t have to leap very far for this one.

I strongly recommend this book and as of this moment, it’s only $0.99 (http://bit.ly/purge-of-babylon).

Giveaway Winner Announcement

The result is in. After over 1300 entries, Deb Klein of St. Paul, Minnesota is the winner of the 15 Post-Apocalyptic #1 Best Selling Paperback Giveaway.

Congratulations Deb Klein!
(A very large package of books is coming your way soon.)

If your name isn’t Deb Klien, and before you go singing the blues, I have three pieces of good news:

FIRST: Another giveaway (11 sci-fi paperbacks) is being run by another author-friend right now, in similar style, and it includes my first two books. Just like my giveaway, it’s free to enter. Go here for more details: http://bit.ly/11-sci-fi-paperbacks.

SECOND: I will launch a similar giveaway next month. Watch for details in your next Apocalyptic Updates. You’ll also find updates posted on http://www.mlbanner.com/giveaways/.

THIRD: Two of the books listed in the giveaway (The Purge of Babylon & Zombie Rules) are available today for only $0.99 each.

DESOLATION is Number One


Screenshot of Amazon Best-Sellers

DESOLATION has officially become the #1 Best-Selling Post-Apocalyptic & Dystopian eBook on Amazon! For a short time this morning, Stone Age, was the #2 best-seller in both genres too!

This is pretty amazing and I am so thankful for all of you who have taken the plunge to buy one of my books, and made the greater investment of your time to read them. You humble me.

Also, my thanks to Amazon, who decided to promote DESOLATION as their featured Daily Deal yesterday. This was quite an honor, as only one book in each genre is featured in a Daily Deal.

I may have similar news for Stone Age, so stay tuned.

Last Policeman an Enjoyable Pre-Apocalyptic Mystery

January-ReviewsThis pre-apocalyptic-who-dunit may not be everyone’s cup of tea, but I was gulping this fragrant brew down. I picked up this series on sale—I’m a sucker for eBook sales—and started reading the first book of the trilogy (of the same name) and was immediately hooked. Set in a pre-apocalyptic world, months before an astroid is 100% certain to hit earth and wipe out all humanity: Most have quit their daily jobs and gone “bucket list” and many have opted for the ultimate out, suicide. This first person narrative follows a stalwart detective, who appears on the scene of another apparent suicide in the men’s room of a pirated McDonalds—most corporations are bankrupt but various enterprising individuals are offering questionable burgers at high prices under the McDonalds name (no this is not China). Only this suicide appears to be a murder and no one cares to solve it, because of course the world is ending.

It’s one of the better written books that I’ve read in a while. The author’s crisp rich use of language will draw you into the story quickly and keep you interested till the end. Here’s an example:

The world is decaying bit by bit, every piece degrading at its own erratic rate, everything trembling and crumbling in advance, the terror of the coming devastation a devastation of its own, and each minor degradation has its consequences.

There are no big firefights, no mass death from the anticipated apocalypse, and not much in the way of horror. However, if you want a beautifully written whodunit mystery, set in a pre-apocalyptic landscape full of anxious malaise, then you’ll enjoy this book, and probably the series.

It’s currently not cheap (as far as eBooks go), but worth the dough: http://bit.ly/Last-Policeman

New Giveaway – 15 #1 Sci-Fi Paperbacks!

15-Best-Seller-GiveawayHow’s this for something crazy to start off the New Year: I’m giving away 15 paperback books to one winner.

Not good enough?

How about if each paperback was (one still is) a #1 Amazon Best Seller in Post-Apocalyptic fiction in 2014.

Okay, I’ll throw this in… several of the books, including Stone Age (by yours truly), will be signed by their authors.

Get a load of this list of blockbuster books and their authors:

  • First Activation by Darren Wearmouth
  • Last Stand (autographed) by Wiliam H. Weber
  • Wool by Hugh Howey
  • Critical Dawn by Darren Wearmouth & Colin F. Barnes
  • One Second After by William R. Forstchen
  • Sand by Hugh Howey
  • Zombie Rules by David Achord
  • The Purge of Babylon by Sam Sisavath
  • After the Event by T.A. Williams
  • CyberStorm by Matthew Mather
  • WorldWar Z by Max Brooks
  • Extinction Point by Paul Antony Jones
  • Annihilation by Jeff Vandermeer
  • Station Eleven by Emily St. John Mandel
  • and Stone Age (autographed) by ML Banner

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