Who is ML Banner? 

Michael-in-pompei1After running several businesses and writing business articles for years, in 2014 I jumped—head first—into the warm waters of science fiction writing and self-published my first novel, Stone Age (which became a #1 best-seller on Amazon for post-apocalyptic and dystopian fiction). Since then, I’ve sold my businesses and write full-time, self-publishing fourteen novels (nine have been #1 best-sellers and one an international #1 best-seller), three short-stories (one was a USA Today Bestseller), seven audio books (one published by the top audio book publisher). My books have been featured on Amazon’s Daily Deal, Monthly Deal, and Big Deal; they’ve garnered acclaim by Readers Favorite and multiple bloggers; and received over 1000 five-star ratings from Amazon & Goodreads readers.

I wrote this “About” section because, as a fellow reader who savors good sci-fi books, I’ve always found it interesting to learn a little something about my favorite authors… Oops, I guess I made a giant (Grand Canyon-esk) leap by assuming that I will be a favorite writer of yours. Hope that’s true.

Besides writing or volunteering, my wife and I try to spend as much time at the beach as possible (see Pictures for images of each).

I’m an avid consumer of sci-fi books & movies, especially those with end-of-the-world/dystopian/apocalyptic themes. My friends think I’m nuts, and my wife sleeps with one eye open (she reminds me of this often). What do we care, fellow-fans-of-this-genre, it’s our form of escape, right? Take a great character-driven storyline and add nuclear bombs, CMEs, plagues, or even zombies and I’m there! This is also the area which influences my writing the most. I write what I call “apocalyptic thrillers,” although you may find that some of my novels/short-stories will cross over into some different sub-genres, most will fall squarely into the PA or Dystopian categories (see Books for updates).

Want more updates?  Please sign up for my Apocalyptic Updates (BELOW), where I will make occasional announcements, tell you about similar books I recommend (written by other authors) and often discounted or free, book launches, events, and more good stuff. Don’t worry, I’m way too busy to send out updates any more than once per month.

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  1. YoMaMah

    Electromagnetic waves are reflected in your shades or you are wearing green contacts, or you are from Mars. One of the above.

    1. admin (Post author)

      Close but no cigar! However, since someone else has already correctly guessed, I will reveal the answer… wait for it…

      Auroras are reflected in my shades, because the electromagnetic waves that cause auroras are about to cause BIG TROUBLE for the world in my new book, Stone Age. Thanks for your guess and for being my MaMah. You’ll receive a free signed copy because of your relationship with the author and your wonderful help on the book.

  2. Virginia M Allgaier

    Using my Kindle fire,I entered the contest. I shared it on Facebook AND Twitter, but didn’t get the extra entries!

    Please give me the credits I earned for them. Thank you!

    1. ML Banner (Post author)

      Virginia, thank you for your entry to our 15 Paperback Giveaway. Please note the contest rules about getting credit for your referred entries. Go to https://www.mlbanner.com/giveaways/ for more details: I also added a “PLEASE NOTE” to highlight this. Thank you once again.

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