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Time Slip

A Stone Age World Novel

| Book 3


His invention would have changed the world... if the world hadn't ended first. By accident, Dr. Ron invented a time slip, a way to travel through time. When he finds out his wife is dying of a rare cancer and the cure is five years away, he decides to slip forward in time and bring the cure back to the present. Only, this is a one-way trip and he arrives right after an apocalypse has brought the world back to a new Stone Age. Survival for Dr. Ron, his wife and even that of the rest of the world, just became a race against the clock. The Stone Age World: "A great apocalyptic story!"

STONE AGE : Book 1 - The Event caught all but a few by surprise

DESOLATION: Book 2 - Survival is the only option during the new Stone Age

CICADA: Book 3 - No safety in a post-apocalyptic world

REMNANTS: Book 4 (Coming Soon)

Stone Age Shorts Short novels set in the Stone Age World Max’s Epoch (Exclusively available @ www.mlbanner.com/free) Find out what happens to Stone Age’s favorite Character, Max Thompson Songs of a Dead Country (Coming Soon) – A survivalist fights to live and find his way in a new Stone Age