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Hell’s Requiem

A Post-Apocalyptic Thriller

| Book 3


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His son died, and his wife left him.
Then the world ended.
It was about to get much worse.

Tom was already prepared for society’s collapse when the nonstop solar storms arrived. He just hadn’t planned on the loneliness.

When a woman and a little boy show up, they bring with them much more than Tom had bargained for. He’ll not only have to battle for his life; he’ll need to fight for a reason to live, as he recalls the painful memories and the songs linked to them in HELL'S REQUIEM.

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"The ending of the story blew me away! I did not see that coming!" Book Nut
"A compelling story." OverTheFence
"I highly recommend this book." Dan A
"Usually I figure plots out pretty quick but you really surprised me." Linda T
"Don't miss this one!" Mike K
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The Stone Age World:

"A great apocalyptic story!"

STONE AGE The Event caught all but a few by surprise.
DESOLATION: Book #2 - Survival is the only option in the new Stone Age
HELL'S REQUIEM: Book #3 - A survivalist fights for a reason to live
CICADA: Book #4 - Will a Sanctuary be their only hope.
REMNANTS: Book #5 (Coming soon)