The world as we know it has ended

Max had been prepping for this event, literally his whole life, using his considerable financial resources to construct the ultimate sanctuary in Colorado, known as Cicada. Surrounded by a massive wall, two miles around, their scientists safely work together to find out why the solar storms still continue a year after the event.

All will soon find out, there’s no safety in a post-apocalyptic world.




Praise for CICADA

“Fast paced page turner.”
“…I can’t immediately predict what will happen next.”
“Couldn’t put the book down…”
“…lots of action and more twists in the plot that will make your head spin.”
“… a heck-of-a tale!”
“…twists and turns no one could have foreseen.”
“A perfect scenario for an all-nighter.”
“…the ending will have you saying, WOW!”



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REMNANTS: Stone Age Series Book #4 (Coming Soon)


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  1. shella

    Hello. Did I miss Cicada Part 2?

    1. ML Banner (Post author)

      My sincere apologies Shella. You did not miss Remnants; it has just not been released yet. I’m afraid there’s no firm date for this.

      Thank you for reading and for your patience.

  2. Michelle L Stewart

    OMG! I’ve been through every one of your books and I am devastated that Remnants hasn’t been released yet.. I should know better to make sure that all the books are out before I started. Please write remnants! Did cicada fall? Dying here.. Love your work!


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