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Updated 8/6/2021
As a full-time author, I’m pounding away on the keyboard more often than when I ran a business. I’m working on several projects at the same time (what’s new).  Here is the most up-to-date list and my best guess on their projected publishing dates. Note: I will try to update this page often.. I mean it this time.

BOOKS I’m Writing (or Just Wrote)

Ashfall Apocalypse

Ashfall Apocalypse – Book 1 (Just Out) – This is my newest series. Set in a small town in Texas, the book opens with a giant wave of water washing through town, killing many. This is just the beginning of what could be end of everything.

Ashfall Apocalypse – Book 2 (some time in 2021) – The survivors have a new threat coming their way. Surviving this one, will require a loss that may be too great to bear.

Ashfall Apocalypse – Book 3 (some time in 2021) – The exciting conclusion.

Highway Series

RESISTANCE: Book #3 in the Highway Series (Coming 2021/2022) – The finale to the series will end with a large boom. Who survives is anybody’s guess. But I know, and so will you soon.

Stone Age World

REMNANTS: Book 4 in the Stone Age Series (Coming 2022) – The final edition of the Stone Age Series picks up right were CICADA left off. Where did Max and the remnants of Cicada go? What happened to The Teacher and God’s Army? These and all your other questions will be answered in REMNANTS.

Other Stories

?????? (Coming 2022) – I’m working on at least two brand new series, which I’m so excited to bring to life. The stories are very unique (I have not seen anything like them). Not sure which will come first, but I can promise you each will offer the same fast-paced, apocalyptic thrills, with quite a few unexpected twists and turns that you have come to expect from me.

Stay tuned.


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