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An Apocalyptic-Horror Thriller


It wasn’t just the animals… People were going mad too.

Passengers and crew of the transatlantic cruise ship, Intrepid had hoped the threat of animal attacks and volcanic catastrophes had passed, and that their world of luxury and normalcy would return.

Ted and TJ just wanted to relax, after helping the ship’s crew and guests avert disaster. But something far worse loomed ahead of them and their ship. The disease they feared, now affects humans.

Without warning, the person you love could become a beast dead-set upon your violent murder. No one is safe! There’s nowhere to hide! And if your loved-one has become parasitic, there’s only one thing you can do… Run!
- - - - Praise for MADNESS Chronicles - - -
“A fresh, unique, and exhilarating twist to the horror genre, but must warn readers that once they've picked the book up, they'll be hard pressed to set it back down. I loved it. Really, really well done!" ~ Readers Favorite
“...tense and vivid... excels at creating an atmosphere of claustrophobic dread.” ~ BookLife
“Shades of Zoo but scarier”
“Put Patterson, King & Koontz together and then HIDE”
“ML Banner is now in the ballpark with Michael Creighton”
“One of the very best books I’ve read in this genre”

- - - Warnings - - -
Movie Rating = R for violence, moderate language use, some sexual situations, and scary realism
. - - - - The MADNESS Chronicles Trilogy - - -
MADNESS: MADNESS Chronicles I (Available in all formats)
PARASITIC: MADNESS Chronicles II (Available in all formats)
SYMPTOMATIC: MADNESS Chronicles III (Available in all formats)