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A Post-Apocalyptic Tale of Survival

| Book 1


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Tens of thousands have lost sleep reading Highway,
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A flash of light crippled society in an instant...

For young Lexi Broadmoor and her brother Travis, the detonation not only took their father away, but their future as well. Now stranded on a highway far from home without any survival skills or someone to protect them, staying alive will depend on their wits, a single bug-out bag, and a map to a stranger’s house.

With the grid down and a nation quickly descending into chaos, they’ll need to hurry, because the lawless are taking over.

But a larger threat looms.

A mysterious foe has set in motion a countdown to Armageddon; unknown to Lexi and Travis, they’re part of the plan.

- - - - WARNINGS (By Highway Readers) - - - - -

“OMG .... what a race”
“held my breath”
“heart-stopping action with passion”
“I couldn't put it down”
“scared the daylights out of me”
“hooked by the first few pages and never let go”
“read the book in a single sitting”
“You won't want to put this book down “
“completely sucked into the storyline”
“Just when I thought I knew what was going to happen - bamm!”
“it's a wild ride!”
“edge of your seat reading”
“Fast moving, twists and turns around every corner”
“unforgettable ride”
“I only put it down to eat”
“Might not be able to sleep easily anytime soon”
“stayed up late to finish”
“What a thrill ride!”

Get ready for a Highway thrill-ride and prepare to loose sleep like thousands of others.

Movie Rating: R for language and violence.

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Endurance (The apocalyptic sequel to Highway)