A flash of light changed all American life in an instant.


For Lexi Broadmoor and her brother, it took their father’s life in a car crash. His dying words and bug-out bag gave them instructions to survive the long journey home they were now forced to make. But with a mushroom cloud in the distance and society collapsing around them, they will have to move quickly.

For prepper Frank Cartwright, who has been planning for the end-of-days for twelve years, an attack at his home leaves him wondering what’s coming next. Among the bodies he finds evidence which points to a far more malevolent plan; one that affects everything. Although he wants to stay and protect his property and his town, he knows he must use his skills to take the fight to the enemy. But if he doesn’t hurry, he’ll not only loose the family and friends he cares about, he’ll lose his country.

With America crippled and its citizens struggling to stay alive, a few will put aside their personal needs and fight for the survival of a nation.

A countdown clock unwinds, family secrets are exposed, and an unexpected evil draws them to an epic collision along the Highway.

. . . . . . . . .

Co-written with John Q. Prepper, Highway is my new apocalyptic-thriller set on a highway in contemporary America. The events in this book are entirely possible, given the geo-political alliances of today. And this makes its possibility so much more terrifying than so many of the what-if apocalypses proposed by so many on science fiction bookshelves.

Take a thrilling ride down a highway. But wear a seatbelt, because there will be many twists and turns on this trip to an ending that you will never expect.

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  1. Linda

    Loved this book!! I did write a review on Amazon titled Kept my Interest on today’s date. Thank you

  2. Natalie

    This book is amazing, I came across this on my recommendation lists and decided to give it a go, fantastic.
    Told in multiple points of view you get a feel for how a range of people are surviving. A few twists and turns I was not expecting.
    Plenty of action and adrenaline as well as hints and tips for preppers. I really enjoyed this story and read it in on sitting as couldn’t put it down. Will definitely be reading book 2

  3. Larry Hoover

    It was a great read and story line. I found myself wanting more. CAN’T wait for a followup.

    1. ML Banner (Post author)

      Thanks Larry. Glad you enjoyed it. FYI, Endurance (the sequel) is available and picks up right where Highway left off. Please do me the favor of writing a quick review as well on Amazon and/or on Goodreads.


  4. Rep. Daniel Itse

    I have just finished reading Highway and Endurance. Actually, I was reading them to my disabled son (he passes a month ago)and I finished Endurance myself. We have read several series in this genre. One consistent flaw I find (and throughout the patriot community) is a fable of the American militias. They were not privately organized. All commissions were from the State governments and the officers at the outset of the War for Independence had been officers under the King. General Sullivan (N.H.) had been Capt. Sullivan. Twenty-three of the States currently have constitutional militias. Street gangs are private militias. Constitutional militias are under the command of governors.

  5. ML Banner (Post author)

    Daniel, so sorry to hear about your son’s passing. I feel honored that you chose to read my books to him. Thank you for letting me know this and for your comments about militia history. I’ve been researching militias for the finale to this series and another book. It’s a pet peeve of mine that so much background in realistic fiction is just that, fiction. It’s too bad, because many of the factual stories from our past are far more interesting than what authors can make up. Blessings to you!

  6. Joan

    Books were interesting but left me hanging. Would love to find out what happens to Lexi, Travis and others in a third book.

  7. Laura

    Second time I’m writing to you. You’ve got to get a third book out for this story!!! I’ve been waiting years to find out what happens to those kids. Years!!!! I’m not going to forget. I’ll just keep bugging you!

    1. ML Banner (Post author)

      Laura, you are so correct, Resistance (Highway book #3) needs to be told. Unfortunately, I still cannot say when exactly (because I’d have to offer an additional mea culpa when that date passes). But I can say the following… I am currently working on the the last two books of Ashfall Apocalypse, bringing that series to conclusion. Then, my next writing project is to get Resistance finished.

      So, please keep bugging me!


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