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Stone Age

An Apocalyptic Thriller


Some planned for the world's end;
none were prepared for its devastation.

A family on a Mexican vacation gets separated.
A self-proclaimed prophet's fame grows.
A scientist sends out another ignored warning.
An astronaut watches helplessly from the International Space Station.

Each will face a perilous journey, in a world where there is no power and technology is useless. They'll need to depend on each other if they hope to survive a new Stone Age.
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Get prepared for what readers have called, “very real & very scary,” a “chilling story,” and your “worst nightmare.”

Movie Rating: PG-13 for some language and violent situations

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The Stone Age World:

"A great apocalyptic story!"

STONE AGE The Event caught all but a few by surprise.
DESOLATION: Book #2 - Survival is the only option in the new Stone Age
HELL'S REQUIEM: Book #3 - A man fights for a reason to live
CICADA: Book #4 - Will a sanctuary be their only hope?
REMNANTS: Book #5 (Coming soon)
Time Slip A Stone Age World Novel

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