Stone Age


Stone Age

(Volume #1 of the Stone Age Series)

What would you do if ALL our technology just stopped? 

Imagine no smart phones, computers, electricity and fresh water, food at a grocery store, cars or planes; and no prospect of it ever functioning again.

Our Earth is fighting a daily battle on our behalf, shielding us from the harmful ravages of the sun.  Every 100 years or so, the sun is too powerful, and the Earth relents exposing its residents to the sun’s harmful plasma clouds.  The last time this happened was in 1859, or over 150 years ago.  We are past due!  Or as one expert says, “Any day now we will be hit with a solar storm that will return us back to the Stone Age!” Dr. Carrington Reid, CMEResearchInstitute.org.

Stone Age follows the lives of a few people during the days leading up to and including the Event: a family separated in Mexico and in Midwest America; a prepper, waiting his whole life for an apocalypse; a spirited astronaut, always trying to prove herself; a preacher, whose fame and power are growing; and a scientist that warned this would happen, just like it did over 150 years ago.

Get prepared for what readers are calling, “very real & very scary,” a “chilling story,” and your “worst nightmare.” Read one of last year’s #1 Best-Selling Post-Apocalyptic & #1 Dystopian book in all of Amazon.

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  1. Sue

    Can’t find all books in series

    1. ML Banner (Post author)

      You are speaking about the final book of the series, Remnants, which follows CICADA. It has not been released yet, but I expect it will be early next year. I have a series writing commitment I must complete first (with a Fall release), followed by the final episode of the co-authored HIGHWAY Series (to be released later this year), and then I can finish up Remnants. As I get closer, I’ll announce it here and to all newsletter subscribers. Thanks for reading!
      UPDATE: After way too long a delay, Remnants is scheduled for release in late summer, 2022.

  2. Jeff Taylor

    This was 2019, is it near completion?

    1. ML Banner (Post author)

      Almost… I’m happy to announce that Remnants, the final book of the Stone Age series is scheduled to be released in late Summer. I’ll post details in my Updates by email and here (https://www.mlbanner.com/books/new-projects/) as we get closer. Thanks for reading!

  3. Ralph Zuranski

    Stone Age was a great series. It fleshed out my childhood recurring nightmares of a huge ball of blazing energy coming down from the sun rolling over cities with bolts of energy killing millions as it rolled forward. I have been studying the sun, solar flares, and CMEs for many years.

    With the beginning of the newest sunspot cycle this year, I believe we will experience a Carrington Event in the next couple of years, if not in 2022. I hope everyone is prepared. I just wish I had a pass to a real life Circada. I hope the fifth book “Remnants” comes out soon.


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