I started writing RESISTANCE over two years ago, beginning Chapter 1 by chronicling how Mexican cartel smugglers were bringing thousands of terrorists into our country in preparation for an invasion (described in HIGHWAY). These terrorists were not only ‘hidden in plain sight’ among the unchecked millions of other illegal migrants flooding our borders, but they were also brought in under the cover of darkness on foot. 

“He wasn’t used to walking as many miles as he had today, nor in shoes with strips of carpeting strapped to them—to “hide your footsteps”—their Mexican guide explained.” – From Chapter 1 of RESISTANCE.

This scene, just like all of those in my apocalyptic thrillers, was based on a scary reality: terrorists are, as I write this, pouring into the United States and have been for years. We know this because the few terrorists who have been “caught” and released before being properly identified are on terrorist watch lists. But what about the thousands of others who haven’t been apprehended or haven’t made it onto watch lists? 

A recent story about long-time rancher, Jim Chilton, whose land is on the Arizona/Mexico border, revealed that over the past two years, his gaming cameras had snapped more than 3000 pictures of men in camouflage crossing the border through his ranch. This figure is reportedly five times greater than had been captured over the previous two years.  Additionally, hundreds of carpet shoes have been found, discarded by these men, in piles (see cover image) around his property. These cartel ‘mules’ were not just bringing in loads of fentanyl or other drugs, they were smuggling almost exclusively men across the border who didn’t want to be officially processed through our broken system. The late-night pictures and discarded carpet shoes are the only evidence of their existence. For now.

It begs the questions: Who are these thousands of mystery men and why would they pay cartels over one thousand dollars each to smuggle them across our border in darkness when they could freely cross in daylight and simply claim asylum (as 10,000 or more do every day) to immediately gain access to our country’s welfare and health systems?

I offer one very probable answer in my next book, RESISTANCE (Book #3 in the HIGHWAY Series).

This existential threat to America should have been a primary concern of our elected and unelected officials years before the borders were opened to anyone requesting asylum. Yet, the daily and nightly flood of migrants illegally crossing our borders continues unabated by any authority.

When I wrote Chapter 1 of RESISTANCE two years ago, and before this, the first two books of the HIGHWAY Series, I had no idea that the border crisis could have been allowed to grow as atrociously as it has.

We now know terrorists are here, numbering in the thousands, and they’re not here to hack our social system of its welfare bennies. Perhaps equally troubling, we have not had a significant terrorist incident on US soil for years. So, what have they been doing here all this time?

What are they quietly waiting for?

Read RESISTANCE and find out.  RESISTANCE is available everywhere books are sold on April 16th, 2024. Go to mlbanner.com/books/resistance to learn more.

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ML Banner is a USA Today bestselling author of Apocalyptic Thrillers

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