After writing about half of RESISTANCE, I got stuck. There were parts that just didn’t feel right. My characters reminded me that other pieces seemed to be missing in the first two books of the Highway Series which should have been there but weren’t. After doing a thorough reread of the series, I also found some minor errors & typos were missed by editors/proofreaders. Because I wanted to make the series even better and improve the reader’s experience more, I have completed a rewrite of both HIGHWAY & ENDURANCE.

Not to worry, the stories are exactly the same. But they are now richer and there are a few more references to the future which are then picked up with RESISTANCE. They were missing before, but they’ll be there now. Bless my characters for rescuing me and leading the charge.

So where are these newest versions?

I will still keep the eBook versions of the HIGHWAY Series exclusive on Amazon and on KU. Unfortunately, Amazon will not send an updated version of the rewritten copies to everyone who has bought them before. Instead, I will need to republish them as if they are new books. 

Because I want you to get the new and enhanced versions, at the end of next month I’m going to offer to my subscribers (THAT’S YOU) HIGHWAY for free and ENDURANCE for $0.99 on, before they go live on AMAZON. Again, these are the second editions and will not be available anywhere else, until their release on Amazon (see release schedule below). At that time, they will be discounted, but not as much as they would be as pre-order, directly through my own store.

This rewrite process also delayed me further from finishing RESISTANCE. But I promise you that it was time well spent as the overall series is richer and more enjoyable. Now I’m focused on finishing RISISTANCE, followed immediately with completing the fourth and final book in the series (tentatively called, REVOLUTION).

Below is a provisional release schedule for the entire HIGHWAY Series (Updated on 11/1/23).

HIGHWAY Series  (Tentative Release Schedule):

  • Late April – 1st Edition HIGHWAY & ENDURANCE eBooks will no longer be available on Amazon
  • Late May – 2nd Edition HIGHWAY & ENDURANCE eBooks are only available for pre-order at
  • 7/4 – 2nd Edition HIGHWAY: eBook available on Amazon & KU, audiobook & print available everywhere
  • 7/25 – 2nd Edition ENDURANCE: eBook available on Amazon & KU, audiobook & print available everywhere
  • 7/4RESISTANCE (eBook, audiobook & print) available for pre-order at
  • 12/19RESISTANCE release: eBook on Amazon & KU, audiobook & print available everywhere
  • 2/20/24 REVOLUTION release: eBook on Amazon & KU, audiobook & print available everywhere

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Author of the #1 Amazon Best Seller, Stone Age.

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  1. S Gentry says:

    It’s late May, where are “2nd Edition HIGHWAY & ENDURANCE eBooks are only available for pre-order?”

    1. ML Banner says:

      Both are now available for pre-order on Amazon.

      I’ll post more about these and RESISTANCE in a few days.


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