SYMPTOMATIC (Madness Chronicles Book 3) – An Audio Performance



If you’re symptomatic, you may go mad next! Listen to the exciting conclusion of Madness.

“Put Patterson, King & Koontz together and then HIDE”

Written by: USA Today Bestseller, M.L. Banner

Narrator: Gary Tiedemann

Run Time: 6 Hrs 48 Min

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Madness spread world-wide and there’s no stopping it.
If you’re symptomatic, you may go mad next!

Their cruise ship, Intrepid is running on fumes. There’s only one place they can reach with the fuel they need. But the costs maybe too high.

And they better hurry, because when they run out, they’ll have no way to control the parasitics onboard, who are desperately driven to kill.

Even if they survive the next forty-eight hours, how could anyone ever be safe in a world where half the remaining population is symptomatic and can devolve into madness in an instant?

The captain has a plan, and it will shock everyone.

Read SYMPTOMATIC to find out the exciting conclusion to the MADNESS Chronicles Trilogy.

– – – – Praise for MADNESS Chronicles – – –
“A fresh, unique, and exhilarating twist to the horror genre, but must warn readers that once they’ve picked the book up, they’ll be hard pressed to set it back down. I loved it. Really, really well done!” ~ Readers Favorite

“…tense and vivid… excels at creating an atmosphere of claustrophobic dread.” ~ BookLife

“Shades of Zoo but scarier”

“Put Patterson, King & Koontz together and then HIDE”

“ML Banner is now in the ballpark with Michael Creighton”

“One of the very best books I’ve read in this genre”

– – – – Warnings – – –
Movie Rating = R for violence, moderate language use, some sexual situations, and scary realism.

– – – – The MADNESS Chronicles Trilogy – – –
MADNESS: MADNESS Chronicles I (Available in all formats)
PARASITIC: MADNESS Chronicles II (Available in all formats)
SYMPTOMATIC: MADNESS Chronicles III (Available in all formats)


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