On March 15th, sixteen authors (including yours truly), will release a collection of military action-thrillers which are not available anywhere else.

Even better, all 700 plus pages of these exclusive stories can be yours for only $0.99.

BEST: 100% of all the proceeds from the sales of this book will go to Oscar Mike Foundation, dedicated to keeping wounded veterans on the move through adaptive sports.

We call this project Origins of Honor

Fifteen (15) individual stories—some novel-sized—chronicling how someone, under the harshest of conditions, found honor and purpose. Each story is set in varying backdrops and story lines: from earth-shattering apocalypses, to the killing fields of a war zone, or even a planet far from here.

Each story is by a top-notched author, often about an already beloved character from an already popular series by that author.

Every one is action packed!

True Enemy

My contribution is called True Enemy. Set just after the brief war known as Desert Swarm, it explains how Frank Cartwright (the main character of HIGHWAY) met Abdul Farook (chief antagonist of HIGHWAY). Yeah, they knew each other even before Farook enacted his insidious plans to take over America. It’s full of action and reveals, twists and turns, all of which you’ll enjoy whether you’ve read HIGHWAY or not. There are also some hints about what’s coming later, with the release of the third book in the series, Resistance.

Exclusively Yours

This brand-new story is exclusive and not available anywhere else. You will be the first to read this (besides my editors).

And it’s your opportunity to pick up not just the one unique story, but fifteen. And when you do, you’ll not only add to your own reading pleasure, but you’ll help a great organization, which supports our military veterans.

What could be better than that?

Origins of Honor: An Action-Thriller Collection is available on pre-order at a special price of $0.99, and it’s scheduled for release on March 15th.

Please help me and my fellow authors help Oscar Mike Foundation, as they help our veterans get “on the move!”

Thank you!

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