DESOLATION has finally come to audiobook!

This wonderful version is narrated by Mikael Naramore, who has over 200 audiobooks to his credit. When I listened to Mikael’s rendition of a book I had written, I was frankly blown away. Seriously it was that damn good! I’d never imagined how exciting this book would be in audio, until Mikael brought it to life. He does incredible things with his voice, but it’s more than just his skills which are immediately evident when you listen to this. It’s that he takes the time to understand the characters before beginning his narration, so that when he reads, it’s their voice, not his. If you’re at all familiar with DESOLATION, you’ll love his Max. It’s spot on! But, even the more esoteric characters, are exceptional: wait until you hear Judas… I almost lost lung-meat when I heard him speak.

Perhaps it’s uncouth to rate your own book–which is why I haven’t done it on, but this is really a FIVE STAR performance of a book of which I obviously think highly.

Want a taste?

Listen to the first chapter of DESOLATION on SoundCloud:

I wrote DESOLATION a year and a half ago, and so even I forgot parts of the book. But when I donned my headphones and pressed “Play,” I was once again transported into the story, now in its fullest color, laughing and crying as the characters experienced their own desolation after the apocalypse.

Even if you’re not an audiophile, I challenge you to pick up (or rather download) your copy of DESOLATION. Enjoy!

Buy DESOLATION on audio for only $9.97 on (through 12/15)

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