If you are not interested in a sci-fi-thriller filled with government conspiracies, how-to prepper info, and truly unique apocalyptic themes, then you’ll want to skip this one.


“My grandparents told me for years that the government was working on controlling the weather, and lately, I’ve started to believe it.”

When Jay J Falconer told me a little about the new story he was cooking up last year—right before he won an Amazon Scout contract, I thought it was probably one of the most unique apocalyptic ideas I had heard of, and that was just scratching the surface. Redfall: Fight for Survival starts with a boom and then comes at you like a thousand pieces of shrapnel. I’ll admit, it ends purposely with a literal cliff-hanger, leading you to the second book (Redfall: Freedom Fighters) in the series. But, it’s a worth-while investment of your time in what will be at least a three part series.

Jay is a prepper himself and so it should come as no surprise with his background and the series title (American Prepper Series) that the main protagonist (Simon Redfall) is a prepper too. Although, Simon is not your usual ex-military survivalist retread. The “prepper porn” (as I call it when interesting survival techniques and/or gun details are offered for the reader’s education, as well as enjoyment) mostly comes later in the book as we get to hear about some of the facets of the prepper community Simon has joined in Amish country. But don’t savor these details too much, because like a .308 caliber hollow-point round coming at you from a Barrett sniper rifle, this sucker will speed up on you and knock you on your ass. Then it’s done and you can’t wait to get started on the next book.

I give Redfall five stars for its unique storyline—don’t even think you’ll know what’s coming next, you won’t; terrific detail; competent weave of characters and storyline, and awesome start.

Redfall-FalconerRedfall: Fight for Survival (American Prepper Series Book 1) is now available in bothRedfall2-Falconer eBook and paperback versions on Amazon.

Redfall: Freedom Fighters (American Prepper Series Book 2) is available in paperback, and will be released in eBook on 2/27/16.

Published by ML Banner

ML Banner is a USA Today bestselling author of Apocalyptic Thrillers

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