Cicada-Ebook-Readers-FavoriCICADA has been picking up some great reviews lately from readers and traditional reviewers alike.

Within a few days of launch, readers were singing their praises for CICADA:
“Fast paced page turner.”
“…I can’t immediately predict what will happen next.”
“Couldn’t put the book down…”
“…lots of action and more twists in the plot that will make your head spin.”
“… a heck-of-a tale!”
“…twists and turns no one could have foreseen.”
“A perfect scenario for an all-nighter.”
“…the ending will have you saying, WOW!”

Then last week, Readers Favorite gave CICADA five out of five stars in their review (Here’s the full review), saying…

“The story is action packed from the beginning to the end and has many dimensions that make it a compelling read. The setting is realistic and the characters are developed well as the story progresses. The story has action, mystery, intrigue, battles, deception, and science fiction that make it a fascinating page turner. The author puts a lot of detail into the plot and characters, and exposes the blunders that humans make despite having technology within their reach. The twists and turns will definitely make readers eager for the next book in this series.”

If you’ve read CICADA and already posted your review, thank you! If you’ve read and enjoyed CICADA but you’ve not yet posted your review, please do so on Amazon (CLICK to Write a CICADA Review). Let others know why they should read CICADA.

If you haven’t read CICADA, pick up your copy (in eBook or Paperback) and “Meet Your New Favorite Series!”

Published by ML Banner

ML Banner is a USA Today bestselling author of Apocalyptic Thrillers

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  1. Norene Jamesley says:

    I have read first 3 books, just finishing Cicada. Have looked for Remants but did not find it on Amazon. Can you tell me status on it, please?

    1. ML Banner says:

      Remnants will be out later this year, but I still don’t have a date. Until then, please pick up a free copy of Max’s Epoch (about Max) and you’ll get an update as soon as I have a more firm release date.

      Thanks for reading Norene.

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