Last-Stand-ReviewLong before I even considered writing a book, I loved nothing more than reading them. Although I don’t allow myself much time for reading other novels, when I do, I tear through them pretty quick. I was actually saving William H. Weber’s first novel, Last Stand: Surviving America’s Collapse for my upcoming cruise. However, once I started this post-apocalyptic story, I couldn’t put the darn thing down.

Set in a suburban Tennessee neighborhood, when America comes under a nuclear-EMP-attack, a prepper and his family decide to protect their neighbors rather than play it safe and head to their bug-out location. You’ll recognize one part of the storyline: the American power grid goes down and chaos reigns.

I can see why William’s books (book#2 is out and book#3 is coming out later this year) sell so well. The pace is fairly rapid, almost right from the opening pages, and continues to the very end. You cannot help but be there alongside the main character, whose primary drive is to protect his family at all costs, but is also drawn to protecting his neighbors.

I vastly enjoyed Last Stand. If you’ve liked either of my books, you’ll relish this one. It’s not only a quick read, it’s informative too. I’m so happy to see another book providing fair warning about how vulnerable our power grid is to being taken down–this time due to an EMP, rather than the sun inducing electrical currents–and what that will mean to each of us. For both possibilities, the message from my books and this one is, we all need to prepare. Now, I’m speaking to the knowledgeable as well as the novice preppers in my audience: William throws many bones your way. I learned quite a bit, savoring the details (none done to excess). But then the unthinkable happened much too quickly, the book ended. Alas, Last Stand: Patriots (Book 2) is now downloaded and on my Kindle ready to be savored during my days at sea.

Disclosure: I know the author, William H. Webber, and he was kind enough to write glowing words about yours truly on the back cover of my new book, DESOLATION.

All that said, get Last Stand, read it, and then let me know what you thought.


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