If you just happened to have a few million dollars lying around and wanted to prepare for the apocalypse (Ashfall or otherwise), would you be tempted to buy your spot in one of the world’s most luxurious bunkers?

What if Oppidum were made into luxury condos?

The complex in the video is being sold all at once, and it’s, perhaps, inconveniently located in the Czech Republic. But it got me thinking: what if a complex like this were built in the US and made available to multiple owners as ready-to-move-in condos? Imagine having a place, for you and your family, which guaranteed up to 10 years of survival in the event of a super volcano eruption, grid down societal collapse, super-flu pandemic, nuclear war, or the often-discussed zombie apocalypse?

Besides a private security force, the complex would have fine dining (with ten years worth of food), sports and recreation, all the other luxurious comforts you would expect, and be set in a community with others like you, who could afford the steep entry price. In my imagined Oppidum, you would not live there, other than to visit, until that one fateful day…  when you would receive your notification that it was time to get you and your family to your bunker sanctuary.

Who knows, you might even survive a new ice age as portrayed in Ashfall Apocalypse.

In fact, I so loved the concept, I wrote a version of this into my most recent book, the final chapter in the Ashfall Apocalypse SeriesPERDITION. It’s also the basis for my outline of a future book.

Would some place like my version of Oppidum interest you?

Of course, if you have read any of my books, you’ll know that I do not believe that you can plan for everything. So even a place like Oppidum can have some serious problems, especially if society around you is collapsing.

What do you think… Would a place like Oppidum be the utopian answer to your family’s survival or would it end up being a boondoggle?

Let me know your thoughts.

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