This is not fiction.

This was the real assessment from one of the many EMP Commission reports, guesstimating the number of US casualties if an EMP attack were to occur. “A high-altitude EMP blast could result in the shutdown of the U.S. electrical grid for an indefinite period.” Not hours; not days… Months or years!

Considering the $trillions already spent on a “pandemic” that kills maybe 1% of the population, you would expect no less action on this far more serious EMP threat, right?


Before EMP commissions were even conceived, I wrote the STONE AGE Series ( to show what might happen if EMPs from the sun struck (as they had before). A couple of years later, my HIGHWAY Series ( presupposed an EMP attack from terrorists. In either instance, the results to the US population (and the world) were catastrophic. Since then, other authors I’ve praised, have written very real fiction about the EMP threat. But outside of our audiences, many of whom have already prepared their families for this, few know about this existential threat to way of life. Therefore, little to nothing has been done to protect our country.

The Epoch Times now exposes (read article) a new twist on this menace. The CCP (Chinese Communist Party) is developing super-EMP weapons, using technology stolen from a US nuclear lab (where have we heard of them stealing from us before?). Additionally, the article reports of indications that the CCP is planning for a potential “blitzkrieg” attack against the US. Let that sink in for a moment.

What can we do?

Spread the word! Introduce friends and family to the threat, by sharing my books and those of other great authors on the subject. Share articles like this one. And demand action from your government representatives. If more of us know of the risk, more will demand action.

We have been doing nothing for too long. Let’s not wait until that day (could be tomorrow) when we wake up to a blackout that lasts for years.

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