Let the Kindle Countdown begin

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Kindle Countdown DealsStarting today, STONE AGE is part of Amazon’s Kindle Countdown Deals.  This will likely be the only promotion offered for STONE AGE, until the second book of the series is released in the Fall.  So, if you haven’t purchased STONE AGE yet, this is your best shot at getting what 24 reviewers have rated 4.5 Stars on Amazon.com.

Why am I doing this?  Am I crazy, offering STONE AGE for less than a buck?  I may be, but I wanted to expose many more to the exciting and scary story of STONE AGE.

Stone Age is listed #1 in SF&F

Stone Age is listed #1 in SF&F

By listing STONE AGE on Kindle’s Countdown Deals, I am bringing a lot more exposure to the book in ways I couldn’t have done even if I had a large publisher’s pocket book, which I don’t.

Besides, who doesn’t love a deal?  And dare I say, there is no better entertainment deal on the planet right now: Consider comparable forms of entertainment and their respective costs:


  • $9.99 for a first run HD movie = 2 hours of fun
  • $1.85 for a Starbucks Coffee = 15 minutes of fun
  • $0.99 for a Kindle copy of STONE AGE = many hours of fun
  • Buying STONE AGE before the next Carrington Event and before it goes back up to $2.99 = priceless!

Need I say more?  I know, I’ve said too much already.

Allow me one final plea.  For those of you who have already read STONE AGE, please tell your friends and family.  Introduce them to the novel/series that is taking America and the UK by [solar] storm, and has already hit Amazon’s Best Seller List.

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Published by ML Banner

ML Banner is a USA Today bestselling author of Apocalyptic Thrillers

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