Some time next month, I’m going to publish all three books in my Madness Chronicles Series into one giant volume. Most authors would call this a box-set.

Of course, I choose to be different.

A box-set is simply all the books of a series being combined into one omnibus, with each book back-to-back. It would have the same titling (except with “box set” added), same branding, similar book description (except covering all books) and usually targeted to the same categories. For the reader it’s usually a better deal, and is more convenient. For the author, it’s a “new” title, and a chance to snag some readers who didn’t know about the series.

I wanted to do something bigger than this.

Mainly, I wanted to reach a wider audience than had read MADNESS. So releasing as a box-set would not help ‘get the word out’ as much as I wanted.

My solution?

Re-brand the whole series and publish under a new title, new book description, and have everything targeted to the genres who would love this the most: post-apocalyptic, thriller and dystopian.

These are different audiences than horror. But my story was distinctly pre-apocalyptic/post-apocalyptic & thriller.

I give you…


The Final Outbreak is the same content of Madness I, II, & III, but organized into one large volume of 814 pages (in both print and ebook) and bursting at almost 24 hours of audio. There are over 100 chapters now vs. three books of 35+ chapters each.

And by targeting this book as an “apocalyptic-thriller” instead of horror or what I had been calling an “apocalyptic horror” series of books, I hope to open up this exciting story to many more readers and to listeners.

This last part (listeners) is crucial, because the way audio books are sold on Audible is by using “credits” and one credit can be used to purchase one audio book, regardless of size. Before this, you’d have to use three credits to get the whole audio series. Now, you can use one credit to get all 24 hours of audio. That’s a good deal!

What does this mean to you, my readers?

Nothing perhaps, unless you haven’t read my last series… If you have NOT, now is your chance to get the entire Madness story for a lot less than buying all three books. And if you’d considered it before, but didn’t get your copies for whatever reason, I’d encourage you to give it a try now.

Please, get your copy of

The Final Outbreak


If you’ve read the whole MADNESS series, would you do me a favor and drop your review on The Final Outbreak?

Review The Final Outbreak


All of this will happen soon, and when it does, I’ll let all of you know.

Tell me what you think of my experiment.

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ML Banner is a USA Today bestselling author of Apocalyptic Thrillers

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