The result is in. After over 1300 entries, Deb Klein of St. Paul, Minnesota is the winner of the 15 Post-Apocalyptic #1 Best Selling Paperback Giveaway.

Congratulations Deb Klein!
(A very large package of books is coming your way soon.)

If your name isn’t Deb Klien, and before you go singing the blues, I have three pieces of good news:

FIRST: Another giveaway (11 sci-fi paperbacks) is being run by another author-friend right now, in similar style, and it includes my first two books. Just like my giveaway, it’s free to enter. Go here for more details:

SECOND: I will launch a similar giveaway next month. Watch for details in your next Apocalyptic Updates. You’ll also find updates posted on

THIRD: Two of the books listed in the giveaway (The Purge of Babylon & Zombie Rules) are available today for only $0.99 each.

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ML Banner is a USA Today bestselling author of Apocalyptic Thrillers

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