Sam Sisavath’s breakout hit, The Purge of Babylon (Book #1 in the Babylon series) was enormously popular (it made #1 on best seller list last year) for a good reason. It’s a damn fine read! It’s fast-paced and before you know it, you’ll be done with the almost 500 pages wanting much more. And more there is: five additional books in the series, at current count.

I love apocalyptic fiction that is big—It needs to be global and affecting everyone. I also love unique stories, even if a similar tail had been spun before; I want to be surprised. I also love stories that pull you in and put you into one or more of the character’s places, forcing you to squirm with each of the characters. This book hits the meaty part of the target perfectly on all counts.

If any of you have read and enjoyed The Passage by Justin Cronin (one of my favorites), then you will love this one. In fact, you’ll find many similarities in the apocalypse and its cause, although this one has the population go down in one night. I found the Purge more readable and more exciting than Cronin’s Passage.

Purge-of-BabylonScience and believability are also big issues for me with sci-fi novels. I found The Purge’s storyline and science far more believable than within the scampering hordes of zombie apocalypse books now swarming bookshelves.  With most every sci-fi novel, you must take a leap to accept the central premise which often turns science on its head to fit it into the narrative. You won’t have to leap very far for this one.

I strongly recommend this book and as of this moment, it’s only $0.99 (For More Info or to Order).

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ML Banner is a USA Today bestselling author of Apocalyptic Thrillers

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  1. Debbie G. says:

    I just “discovered” you and your books today! I can’t believe I have missed your books as I am a HUGE apocalyptic fan…I’m just sorry that I missed out on your second book in the “Stone Age” series yesterday while it was offered as a Daily Deal. Oh well, I will still be picking it up after I finish reading “Stone Age”. I did pick up today “The Purge of Babylon” based on your recommendation. I kinda figured a author of Post-Apoc fiction would know good Post-Apoc fiction when they read it! Lol I’m looking forward to getting lost in your book as soon as I finish my current read…which should be by tonight or tomorrow! WooHoo!! Have a great rest of the weekend.

    ~Debbie G.

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