In a news story on (, it was reported that the FERC (Federal Energy Regulatory Commission)–the federal baby sitters of the grid–voted to formally propose standards for utilities “to foresee solar storm disturbances and build in systems to reduce the resulting problems.”

Here’s the crux of the “resulting problem”… if we get a bad-ass solar storm, similar to the one I write about in Stone Age (here comes a plug – only $0.99 through today), our grid is toast! I don’t mean down for a few hours, or even days… we’re talking years, even decades: our economy is screwed and millions die! This isn’t sci-fi, it is a possibility. Some NASA scientists have said we have a over a 10% chance of this happening in the next ten years. This is far worse then the nebulous global warming disaster bantered about by its oft bellicose supporters.

The House passed three different bills in the past which were buried in then Democrat-controlled Senate. Now, neither party are moving on this issue because the power companies lobbying efforts are… well powerful.

This new ruling will impose rules on the utilities, which is good, but unless our Congress puts a bill on the President’s desk, this won’t happen for years, and by then it maybe too late.

::Hint:: Time to make some noise to our elected representatives!

Think of this the next time you flip on that light switch, power on your computer, turn on the water faucet (run by electric pumps), and so much more we take for granted. All would be gone in the flash of a beautiful green aurora.

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  1. John Gooch says:

    Could be nice to see how Mormons,Jehovah’s Witnesses and other Churches would adapt. Many being world wide have catastrophe experience.

    1. ML Banner says:

      The Mormons are absolutely the best prepared for catastrophes such as this. They’re each supposed to have a year’s supply of food. So if you’re not there yet, make friends with a Mormon neighbor.

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