Old Western Meets the New Apocalypse

After reading Tom Abraham’s newest thriller, Home, I couldn’t help but feel a strange familiarity to the story. It’s post-apocalyptic (after a plague), so there were the usual themes of loss, bad people doing bad things, and a grand struggle for survival, all of which you would expect. Yet, Abraham’s newly created world and characters felt… comfortable. You know, like a well worn… Stetson. That’s when it hit me: this is a new take on an old Western.

Home reminds me of Clint Eastwood’s Unforgiven, with an even better main character, although both Marcus Battle’s (Home) and William Munny’s (Unforgiven) morals are equally questionable. Home moves faster than Unforgiven, with its protagonist spending little time brooding or considering the results of his actions. But, these are only hints to the primary concept of why classic westerns—and any great story for that matter—are so popular: the main character is flawed and is seeking redemption.

Likewise, Home has that same wonderful build up to a climactic end that you’d hope for. After words you’ll feel satisfied, albeit ready for the next one. Be warned though, this is a serial, and so Home directly leads into the next installment (Canyon).

All and all, Home is a terrific post-apocalyptic take on old western themes that I’m sure you’ll enjoy. I strongly suggest you strap on your six-shooter and give this one a shot. It’s reasonably priced ($2.99), even though it is a best-seller.  I give it FIVE STARS… or should I say FIVE SPURS!

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