CICADA: Book 1 of The CICADA Series (A Stone Age World Novel) is set to be released on August 31st. So, I thought today would be a good day to reveal some exciting announcements about CICADA.

I’m pretty excited about this cover designed by the masterful folks at So, whaddayathink? Post your comments below.

Okay, so you might ask, “Michael, what series is it, “Stone Age” or “CICADA?” The answer is, “Yes!”

When I realized that CICADA was a much bigger story, I knew it had to be released as two or three books. I also knew that there were a lot of potential readers who were unfamiliar with The Stone Age World. So, rather than pushing those potential readers away by calling this “book #3″ of the Stone Age Series,” I decided to launch CICADA as its own series, but still part of the Stone Age World.

Don’t worry though, CICADA starts right after DESOLATION left off with Max and the Kings just arriving. But, CICADA provides more detail into the characters, as it is really their story. So, whether you’ve read Stone Age and/or DESOLATION or none of my books, you will enjoy this book.

And your wait for the next chapter in the CICADA Series will not be that long. I’m already at work on CICADA Book #2 and plan to release it this fall. Here is my tentative release schedule:

  • CICADA: Book 1 of The CICADA Series (A Stone Age World Novel) – August 31st
  • REMNANTS: Book 2 of The CICADA Series (A Stone Age World Novel) – October/November 2015
  • NEW CICADA: Book 3 of The CICADA Series (A Stone Age World Novel) – December 2015/January 2016

CICADA – Didn’t make the cut
Because I wanted this story to move, and move it does, there was at least one chapter that didn’t make the cut. Yet this chapter does provide a little more insight into the Cicada complex (the focus of the story) and one of the characters. So, I give it to you for your reading pleasure.

READ the chapter that didn’t make the cut

CICADA Giveaways
Between now and Release Day, I’m giving away lots of great prizes: 21 Dystopian paperbacks (see my Apocalyptic Giveaway page), a $100 Amazon Gift card, and autographed copies of CICADA. More will be said about this in future announcements and Facebook at…

CICADA Release Party
On August 31st, I’ll be throwing a party to usher in the release of CICADA., and YOU ARE INVITED! This one will be a little unconventional because it will be held on my Facebook Author page ( Those who have liked my page will be included in future announcements and my giving away several autographed copies of CICADA. So, if you haven’t like my page, do so right away.

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  1. Pat says:

    Love the cover. Cicada theme plus strength. Very positive image.

  2. john says:

    Your cicada has The wings of a month ? I maybe wrong but cicada have only two wings…
    But still can’t wait to read…

    1. ML Banner says:

      John – Although there are over 2500 type of Cicadas, with all sorts of wing configurations, most have two proximal wings (that often look like three) on each side: Here’s one example, and another.

  3. Sandy Keafer says:

    Love the cover. Covers often catch my attention and I look into a description of the book. This cover most certainly would catch my eye. Can’t wait to read the new book as an ACR. I appreciate the opportuinity!

  4. Echo Duva-Sprague says:

    I love the cover, I definitely want to open that cover and find out what is inside. It looks very intriguing.

  5. Keith Gilbert says:

    Yep, that’s a Cicada…bit on the industrial side…and pretty well done for a book cover, you might consider putting a picture of a real one in one of the blank upper corners…anyway, it’s just fine as it is. KG, Esq.


    Love the cover looks strong and adventurous

  7. Raine says:

    I absolutely love the cover

  8. Nan says:

    Hey Michael, love the cover and I have been doing the whisper campaign also. You picked a great time to release a book with this title as down here where I live it has been the time for the Cicadas and they were loud and everywhere. Keep up the great work !!!!

    1. ML Banner says:

      Thanks Nan. It seems that Periodical Cicadas (every 13 to 17 years) have some how planned on staggering their appearances on different years at different geographic places. How’s that for a conspiracy?

      To everyone… Care to find out when your area will be invaded next? Check out this geographic listing that beautifully breaks down their appearances by “brood” type. Very cool.

  9. Donna Thompson says:

    Absolutely love the Cicada cover art……If a picture is worth a thousand words….heavily armored…..protective ….aggressive…. What do you think?…Anyone?

  10. Chris Braning says:

    I am a Cover Checker like Sandy Keafer–when one piques my interest, then I check out the book itself—if the cover does not stop my eye, I probably will never look further into the author (doesn’t seem fair, does it? but that’s the truth. Your designer is to be applauded on this one! Keep them coming!

  11. Dottie says:

    Cover reminds me of the scene in one of the terminator movies where they are fleeing the terminatrix & get to the secret military facility blast doors barely in time. Insert terminator theme music here & morph it for CICADA 😉 !

  12. daniel says:

    Really great cover art. Seems to encompass the entire arc of the “Stone Age” books in its
    graphic simplicity and gives the sense of the industrial strength of the final “Cicada”
    hope for mankind.

  13. Kris says:

    Love the cover – truly covers any hint of what’s to come….and now patiently waiting for the book!
    I read the stone age books am intrigued to hear more.

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