Advanced Copy Reviewers Chosen

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Advanced Copy Reviewers Found

Thanks to everyone who accepted the call to be an Advanced Copy Reviewer for DESOLATION!

As those of you know who are on my mailing list, I sent out a request for Advanced Copy Readers/Reviewers. I really didn’t expect so many would come forward so quickly. I reached my projected cut-off number long before the first day (Saturday) ended. However, I decided to accept all others who followed my directions and asked to be an ACR, through Sunday.

Unfortunately, I have to cut this off at some point. After all, I do need to sell a copy or two of the book. So, please forgive me for not accepting any more requests for ACRs at this time.

I hope you will still consider purchasing DESOLATION when it comes out in a few weeks. If you do, and you are willing to provide a review, I promise a worthy surprise.

To everyone who is subscribing to Apocalyptic Updates, I will give you more details in an announcement email shortly. You’ll even find out how to pick up a copy of DESOLATION for a buck or two less than the publication date price. But only subscribers will be told about this… Just one more reason why you need to subscribe to Apocalyptic Updates.

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Published by ML Banner

ML Banner is a USA Today bestselling author of Apocalyptic Thrillers

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