Advanced Copy Reviewers Chosen


Advanced Copy Reviewers Found

Thanks to everyone who accepted the call to be an Advanced Copy Reviewer for DESOLATION!

As those of you know who are on my mailing list, I sent out a request for Advanced Copy Readers/Reviewers. I really didn’t expect so many would come forward so quickly. I reached my projected cut-off number long before the first day (Saturday) ended. However, I decided to accept all others who followed my directions and asked to be an ACR, through Sunday.

Unfortunately, I have to cut this off at some point. After all, I do need to sell a copy or two of the book. So, please forgive me for not accepting any more requests for ACRs at this time.

I hope you will still consider purchasing DESOLATION when it comes out in a few weeks. If you do, and you are willing to provide a review, I promise a worthy surprise.

To everyone who is subscribing to Apocalyptic Updates, I will give you more details in an announcement email shortly. You’ll even find out how to pick up a copy of DESOLATION for a buck or two less than the publication date price. But only subscribers will be told about this… Just one more reason why you need to subscribe to Apocalyptic Updates.

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