STONE AGE Completely Reedited PLUS a Bonus!

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[This post was updated 7/10/2014]

StoneAgeNewFinalAs the old motto goes, you live and learn. Well, I have sure learned a lot in these past couple months since publishing my first novel, STONE AGE. For many reasons, STONE AGE has been completely reedited, the cover has been updated, and most significantly, I have added the first chapter of, DESOLATION, the second book in the Stone Age Series. Are you ready for the best news?  You can download this for FREE (if you originally purchased STONE AGE from Amazon)!

Why do this?
In spite of what some have said, STONE AGE was in fact reviewed and edited by a “professional” editor. However, this editor dealt only with minor punctuation and spelling issues. Unfortunately, there were also many other substantive errors which were missed by both of us. Additionally, I forgot to fact check some of the Spanish used in the book.  All of this was my mistake – I blame no one but myself. After hearing from many readers through reviews and emails, I decided to hire a very respected new editor, Karen Conlin to do a complete reedit of the entire book. By the way, if you’re an author, I strongly recommend you consider using her.

Are you gnashing your teeth or tearing at your clothes yet? Don’t worry, there are no changes to the story and therefore no new surprises – I wouldn’t do that to all of you who have already invested your time and money into this book. However, after approximately three thousand changes, STONE AGE is now a much stronger story than it was before.

Didn’t you say new material too?
For those of you anxiously waiting to find out what happens next, here is your chance. In addition to strengthening the existing story, I have introduced the first chapter (over 1000 words) of DESOLATION the second book in the Stone Age Series. You don’t have to wait until the fall to get your next STONE AGE fix. Get it now! Oh, and be warned, there is a new revelation in the new material – see if you can catch it.

How do I get this for free?
If you purchased STONE AGE for Kindle, you can download the newly updated STONE AGE, including the three new chapters for FREE from Amazon. To do this, follow these simple steps:

  1. Visit the Manage Your Content and Devices page on;
  2. Find Stone Age on your list of books and then click on the little “…” button (it’s square) under the Actions column;
  3. From the list of choices offered, select “Update Available”

Below is how this might look:


WARNING: When you update your book, you will loose any notes or highlights you’ve made if you don’t also make sure that Automatic Book Update is turned “ON” in your Settings. You can find this by clicking on the Settings tab (again in the Manage your Content and Devices area) and you’ll find Automatic Book Update lower on the page.

Please Note: Setting your Automatic Book Update to “ON” does NOT update your book. Amazon never updates your book unless you manually tell them to update this. I was incorrect when I posted this last month.

Will you receive official notice from Amazon too?
Although I notified all of you via my website of this change here first.  However, I also wanted every one of the thousands of readers of STONE AGE to get an updated version of the book too. This is why I notified Amazon telling them of the major changes made.  If Amazon agrees, they will actually email every buyer of a Kindle version of STONE AGE. You don’t have to wait for the official notice though: Go get your updated copy today!

Let others know!
Please be sure to write your comments below if you had any problems (or success) getting your updated copy.  If you did have problems getting the update, I know between others who read this and me, we should be able to find a solution. Finally, my sincere thanks to everyone for your positive comments and even your criticisms – we all have the same goal, to make STONE AGE better.  And thank you once again, all of you for making STONE AGE such as success!

Published by ML Banner

ML Banner is a USA Today bestselling author of Apocalyptic Thrillers

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