Now there’s an app to help you write like Hemingway

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Being Earnest, we sure have it easier!

Being Earnest, today’s writers sure have it easier than he did!

I’m always the last one to find out about the next “new thing”, keeping that in mind, I had to share “something new.”  I just read about this great web-based application (app) that will help us authors write prose like Earnest Hemingway.  Did it work?  I guess you can be the judge.  Here is what it said: “Grade 5 – Good”, with none of my sentences rated “hard to read.”  Yippee, I passed!  I think.

This was sure easier on my psyche than those ancient days when my teachers would scribble their ultra-critical comments in red on my papers.

You want to give it a try?  Just go to  Then type (or I copy-pasted from Word) over the text on the page and click the “Edit” button to have it analyze your writing.  It is free (my favorite price), but it looks like they will be offering a desktop version in the future, based on users stated desire to pay $5 for it.

Because an excellent Google+ writer (+Mark Traphagen) has posted an extensive review about this (, I will let you read about it and how he suggests you use it.


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