ENDURANCE, the sequel to the #1 international best-seller HIGHWAY is now live. This is my sixth book, and it moves from the first page on, beginning right where HIGHWAY left you hanging.

Here is a little blurb about this new apocalyptic-thriller:

They’d survived Phase One of the Islamic invader’s attack, which laid waste to much of America. Now there are two more to go.

Lexi, her brother, and godfather have found her dead father’s bug-out home. They intended to wait out the enemy’s attacks, to survive, to endure. But this evil enemy won’t stop until it has killed or converted everyone. And when it comes looking for them, Lexi and her family will have no choice but to face it head on.

Endurance is a story of survival, of perseverance, and of dependence on others, in a post-apocalyptic America. It may be fiction, but it will feel strangely real. Because their enemy is our enemy.

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A Quick Note to Pre-Order Buyers
If you purchased your copy of ENDURANCE by pre-order, please be sure to read the updated version. This author goofed and didn’t get the final copy uploaded in time, so the advanced copy (with many blemishes) was sent to all pre-order buyers. This was immediately updated, but you may not have the most current copy. See the title/disclaimer page in the front of the book. It should say “First Edition: 7/28/2016.” The older edition says, “First Edition: 7/2016.”

If you have the old one, “Remove it from Device.” Then go to Amazon.com and login. Where it says, “Hello, [Your Name] Your Account,” hover with your mouse and click on “Manage Your Content and Devices.” You’ll see ENDURANCE right near the top of this page. Click on the appropriate “Actions” button (with the ellipse on it) and then “Deliver” from the pop-up. Choose the device you want this delivered to and then, as the French say, “Voila!” Your new copy of ENDURANCE will appear on your device.


Published by ML Banner

ML Banner is a USA Today bestselling author of Apocalyptic Thrillers

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