An Apocalyptic-Horror Thriller

Animals everywhere are going mad. A real-life parasite has been rewiring mammal brains for madness, and over half are already infected. Most don’t show symptoms because this parasite is often dormant. Like a ticking bomb, this puppet master has been…

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A Post Apocalyptic Thriller

| Book 4

Endless solar storms have brought technology back to the proverbial Stone Age, but there’s still hope… CICADA, a scientific fortress built by Max Thompson and his team, has one goal: find a solution. But they’ll need to hurry.

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Time Slip

A Stone Age World Novel

| Book 3

His invention would have changed the world… if the world hadn’t ended first. By accident, Dr. Ron invented a time slip, a way to travel through time. When he finds out his wife is dying of a rare cancer and the…

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Max’s Epoch

A Stone Age Short

| Book 3

Just who is Maxwell Thompson? You know him as a prepper and close friend of the Kings, but why? What happened in Iraq? Who’s bugging his phones? Who’s after him? These questions and more are answered in the new exclusive…

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