Time Slip

Time Slip - Ebook

Time Slip – A Stone Age Short

Dr. Ronald Stoneridge had invented something so incredible it would have changed the world, that is, if the world hadn’t ended first. By accident, while trying to test a new clean energy source, he created a time slip. When he finds out his wife is dying of a rare cancer, and the cure is five years away, he decides to slip forward in time and bring the cure back to the present to save his wife.

There are only two problems: this is a one way trip–because you cannot go back into time, and an apocalypse has brought the world into a new Stone Age only days after he arrived in the future.

What good is it to invent a time machine and not be able to use it to save the one you love?

Set in the Stone Age World, find out if Dr. Ron can find a way to save his wife and survive a future apocalypse.

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  1. Donna Thompson reviewer name Lea

    I just bought Time Slip…Can’t wait to read it I am so addicted to your stories…and….I also enjoy your enthusiastic reviews, giveaways and sales rhetoric. Don’t know what is wrong with this “little old lady ” but I even enjoy those stories with a military theme….Thanks for what you do Donna

    1. ML Banner (Post author)

      Thanks Donna (Lea) for your extremely kind words. I look forward to reading your review of Time Slip after you’ve finished. Enjoy!

  2. Chris

    Did The Stick ever come out? Time Slip was a great book.

    1. ML Banner (Post author)

      Thanks Chris! Please do me the favor of going here (http://amzn.to/2lobHQF) and writing a quick review. Just a couple of words is fine.

      Sorry, but The Stick was never released. However, I am releasing another Stone Age Short in a month or two. Best of all, Songs of a Dead Country (tentative title) will feature prominently, Scarface (the assassin in Time Slip) once again. When I have a release date, I’ll post an update here, on Facebook, and of course to all subscribers. Happy reading!


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