New Projects

Updated 05/31/17
I am always busy working on several exciting projects. Here is the most up-to-date list and my best guess on their projected publishing dates. Note: I will try to update this page often.

BOOKS I’m Writing (or Just Wrote)

Stone Age World

HELL’S REQUIEM  (Coming June 2017) – This is a stand alone novel that takes place in the Stone Age World. Tom Rogers (you’ve meet him in CICADA) is a prepper who is just trying to survive after the Event. But trouble walks right up to his gate, and she’s got a kid with secrets.

REMNANTS: Book 4 in the Stone Age Series (Coming 2017/2018) – The next edition of the Stone Age Series picks up right were CICADA left off. Where did Max and the remnants of Cicada go? What happened to The Teacher and God’s Army? These and all your other questions will be answered in REMNANTS.

Highway Series

ENDURANCE: Book #2 in the Highway Series (Arrived July 28th, 2016) – Also co-authored with John Q. Prepper. This is the sequel to our #1 International best-seller, HIGHWAY and it will leave you breathless!

RESISTANCE: Book #3 in the Highway Series (Coming 2018) – The finale to the series will end with a bang. How it ends is anybody’s guess. But I know.

Other Worlds

Madness (Coming 2017) – This summer and fall, I will plunge you into something completely different, and it’s based on a very real possibility… One day, for no apparent reason, animals start attacking us. No one understands the reason for their madness. But with mammals outnumbering humans 10,000 to 1, is this the end?

Stay tuned.


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