The sequel to the #1 best-seller, Highway

All they had to do was endure.
The enemy had other plans.

Several of America’s greatest cities have been nuked, the grid is down, food supplies are dwindling, and the lawless have taken over. Even those who prepared are struggling.

Lexi, her brother Travis, and her godfather Frank barely escaped with their lives to a bug-out home her father had secretly set up for them. They thought they would be safe; all they’d have to do is protect each other.

But another threat is headed for their town and across the US. Standing alone will no longer be an option.

Even with the support of unlikely allies, an evil enemy will stop at nothing to bring Armageddon to America. Then all will face a fate worse than death.

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  1. John Graves

    So the first two books were great, where is the third?

    1. ML Banner (Post author)

      Thanks John! The third book is in the works. JQP and I are planning a launch this year. We’ll make announcements as we get closer.


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